“One skill will be needed: being able to learn by yourself!”

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2 min readDec 19, 2023

Anthony Colas, formerly a 42 student, now finds himself still at the school, but in a dramatically different role — as the Pedagogical Director of 42 Tokyo!

How did you join 42 Tokyo?

Before joining 42, I graduated with a master’s degree in international business. I worked in Asia for a few years and, as an entrepreneur, I created companies in Esport and Web3. I participated in the 42 entrepreneurs’ student club sharing a batch with BeReal. Thanks to my Japanese family connections, I had the opportunity to work for 42 Tokyo, starting as a freelancer and now serving as their Pedagogical Director.

What do you bring to the table?

As a 42 Alumni, I occupy a unique position: a non-Japanese person working as the Pedagogical Director of 42 Tokyo. This allows me to bring an international perspective to the students while upholding the strong values of 42 Paris.

Is the Japanese school system different from the one in Paris or France?

The Japanese system is very traditional, with numerous rules. It took some effort to introduce changes! Gradually, we are gaining recognition, along with some improvements from the government. We regularly conduct tours for schools across Japan to help them understand our system. We recently signed a contract with the Wakayama region for providing information on new learning opportunities and increasing awareness of companies

in Wakayama among 42 Tokyo students, setting a precedent for other regions.

What’s your vision for the future of education?

With recent technological advances, especially in AI, I firmly believe in the importance of self-directed learning. Having a strong problem-solving mindset and the ability to reinvent oneself will be crucial for the future workforce.



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