42 Yerevan, a not so hidden jewel

Capital city of Armenia, Yerevan is both a young city and one of the oldest in the world. Armenia has dynamic IT communities, providing opportunities for meetups, networking sessions, and presentations.

42 Yerevan launched in 2020. The campus is part of the EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science. After the first round of Piscines, the first 160 students were welcomed in 2021 at 42. Approximately half of the students are women — a very high score in the Network!

“Even if we don’t have alumni yet, we are already working with a lot of companies. We usually do presentations, mentorships and workshops. Some of our students also have the possibility to go on an internship already. Companies really love 42 Yerevan and the quality of the education.”
Hovhannes Ispirian, Senior Manager 42 Yerevan

42 Yerevan is located in Tumanyan Park and was owned by Sirius, Soviet Armenia’s largest electronics production factory. Back in the 1960s it was called the Children’s Technical Creativity House, and focused on educating teenagers and young adults in the field of electronic engineering. The inside was renovated and the facade is still being worked on. It provides the campus with about 130 computers and a maximum student capacity of 250 people per year.

With a small staff team of only 3 people, 42 Yerevan has recruited volunteer students to help out, especially during the Piscines. This sense of helping each other is one the values 42 Yerevan tries to convey every day through its training.

“Why choose 42 Yerevan? It’s simple: we have the most beautiful campus and the most beautiful people in all of the network! :D”
Hovhannes Ispirian, Senior Manager 42 Yerevan



We make digital an opportunity for all, everywhere. #42Network.

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