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2 min readJun 22, 2022

Discover 42 Roma, a campus that is putting its students first.

42 Roma may seem to be positioned at an odd place at first: in a train station! However, Rome is a very big city. When you arrive at the train station and have to go somewhere, it often takes a lot more time. That is why 42 Roma is placed inside the station: with high-speed trains, you can come from Bologna or Naples, work here, and then go back home in the evening. This convenient location allows the campus to have people who are not only from Rome without having to rent a room in Rome.

42 Roma started some years ago when Riccardo Zacconi, founder and inventor of Candy Crush and one of LUISS (Free International University of Social Studies “Guido Carli”) Alumni, approached the university. He was very enthusiastic about it and knew this was a very interesting service to the community. Therefore, the idea of 42 Roma was born. Now, 42 Roma is home to 300 students, with a plan to grow to a maximum capacity at 450.

Main sponsors of 42 Roma are Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM), the main mobile phone company in Italy; Riccardo Zacconi & King, the famous video game developer and publisher; FS Technology, the Italian railways, ACEA, and Lottomatica.

“I love Rome: it’s the fullest city in the world! It’s a fantastic place for young people, with a lot of cultures, a popular nightlife, numerous startups, and a lot of excitement.” Roberto Costantini, Director of 42 Roma

42 Roma has a strong network of companies. Their priority is to be sure that 42 Roma students have a lot of opportunities when they go for their first internship. They have contracts with the 300 largest companies in Italy, as well as with the startups of the accelerator right there at the campus. It’s managed by L Venture and is probably the biggest in all of Italy. Up to today, each student has at least three to four internship requests!

“42 Roma is unique in the sense that we have 42 students and university students working together on certain activities giving the 42 students the same possibilities and the same training of the university students in certain parts.” Roberto Costantini, Director of 42 Roma



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