42 Perpignan, a campus meant to boost economic growth

Discover 42 Perpignan, 42’s 7th campus to open in France, which is committed to upholding and furthering 42’s core values.

Perpignan is the latest place in France to have signed an agreement with 42 for the opening of yet another campus: 42 Perpignan. The city, located in the south of France near the Spanish border, is known for its rich cultural heritage, its medieval architecture and its ideal location for all outdoor sports enthusiasts. Just a stone’s throw away from the sea and beaches, a two-hour drive from the Pyrenees mountains and ski slopes, the city has attracted a diverse student population over the years, thanks to its high concentration of university campuses and schools in the fields of science, technology, robotics and graphic arts.

“Perpignan is an innovative city that has enjoyed a high economic growth recently. It also is home to a booming tech ecosystem called Technosud, located on the outskirts of the city. The latest statistics show that the Pyrénées-Orientales is the most attractive department for digital nomads, and thanks to remote working it has seen its population grow in recent years. In less than two hours, one can reach the big business hubs of Barcelona, Montpellier, or Toulouse. This allows people to work full-time from home in Perpignan, all the while being able to go to the office in these cities once or twice a week.”
Géro Vigney, Managing Director of 42 Perpignan

42 Perpignan came about thanks to an unprecedented consensus, as 42’s model won over all institutional players in the area: the region’s city hall, including the metropolis, the department, the local chamber of commerce and industry, and the local development agency. In addition, over 130 business owners and executives in the region invested in the project. These founding members have also supported the project by adding their names to 42 Perpignan and by being campus ambassadors for companies.

Ideally located, a five-minute walk away from the city’s train station, and a ten-minute drive away from the airport, 42 Perpignan retains the atmosphere found on many 42 campuses: open spaces, a neo-industrial style, a mix of black and white, set in a fantastic early 20th century building by Georges Debrie with bay windows making it bright and agreeable.

“As a former 42 Paris student, it was particularly important to me to build a campus that stayed faithful to the original campus’ atmosphere, which I fell in love with a decade ago.”
Géro Vigney, Managing Director of 42

With its first Piscine completed, 42 Perpignan is preparing to receive its first students at the beginning of 2023.

Géro Vigney, Managing Director of 42 Perpignan



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