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2 min readSep 14, 2023

Discover 42 Mulhouse, a human-sized campus that blends openness to the world with local economic initiatives.

In the Southern part of France’s Alsace region, Mulhouse is a unique city, at the crossroads between France, Germany and Switzerland. Offering a surprisingly high degree of cultural diversity, coupled with a glamorous historical touch, it is a great place to innovate and discover new things. The city also boasts a diverse range of cultural activities, including the National Automobile Museum or the Cité du Train, as well as a rich food culture, with many famous local specialties, both of which make the city an ideal place to live, study and work.

42 Mulhouse is hosted within the facilities of KMØ, a vibrant tech ecosystem that helps heavy industry accelerate its digital transformation, with prestigious local partners such as the local regional council or Crédit Agricole’s Alsace-Vosges branch.

“42 Mulhouse is located in a train factory that dates back to 1896. To honour this place’s history, our start-up club is called… The Locomotives Club!”
Caroline Porot, head of 42 Mulhouse

With local companies investing heavily on software development, cybersecurity and future industry, 42 Mulhouse draws students from the local and neighbouring areas (including Switzerland and Germany) in equal amounts. During its Selection Piscines, campus staff emphasise the importance of familiarity to create a relaxed and enjoyable working environment. The campus also hosts a lot of activities so that candidates keep their drive and motivation intact during the whole of this intense selection month. Although students cannot use the campus computers for gaming, 42 Mulhouse regularly hosts video game competitions in order to allow candidates to unwind.

“42 Mulhouse is like a big summer camp in many ways! The atmosphere on site is very cosy: you can tell that we’re the first campus to have opened outside of a big city in France!”
Caroline Porot, Head of 42 Mulhouse



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