42 Madrid, where the sun always shines

Never a cloudy day at 42 Madrid: this campus has a lot to offer to students!

Madrid is blessed with lots of daylight — it is one of the sunniest cities and capitals in Europe! As the capital and the largest city of Spain, it has an interconnected ecosystem of business, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition to traditional companies, a lot of startup incubators emerged and provided great opportunities for students.

42 Madrid opened in 2019 thanks to Fundación Telefónica, the foundation of one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. The campus is located within the company’s headquarters, along with the business and innovation divisions, at the heart of the Telefónica´s HQ. 42 Madrid have spectacular facilities: 300 workstations, rest areas, food & drinks services, a digital ‘disconnection’ room called “El Templo” (“The Temple”) and Studio 42, an area to put creativity into action.

“We mostly have Spanish students of course, but because of the language, we also welcome many students from South America, coming from Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico… We launched the first piscine in Sept 2019. It was a huge event with a special guest, Spain’s number one sports personality: Rafael Nadal! Along with him, we shared values such as working hard, managing frustration and tolerance, with our candidates.”

Inés Temes Fuertes, Director of 42 Madrid

Since then, 42 Madrid already hosted 10 Piscines for new candidates and is we´re not going to stop there. The team is also lucky to have a special staff member to help them: Marvin, straight out of the novel “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. He is loved by all, even if sometimes he is a bit of a paranoid android!

42 Madrid also takes advantage of the Telefónica ecosystem, which is a leader in technologies such as IOT, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Blockchain. Workshops, challenges and hackathons attract talent and even create new content for 42. Currently, 42 Madrid is working on cybersecurity content together with a team of experts from Telefónica and the Cybersecurity League composed of students.



We make digital an opportunity for all, everywhere. #42Network.

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