42 Istanbul: Coding cultures, histories and continents

With its demographic structure, geographical location, growing ecosystem for entrepreneurship, and IT with competitive costs, Türkiye offers a wide range of opportunities for the development of the software industry.

Gaming, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and autonomous vehicles sectors are developing so fast in recent years. Its young and large population is among the most important advantages for the industry’s future. Investments in the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem increased by 9 times in 2021, exceeding $1.5 billion and breaking the all-time record, strengthening the possibility of more unicorns (as of today Türkiye has six unicorns) coming out of Türkiye in the very near future.

At 42 Istanbul we aim to provide a highly qualified education that will fill the gap of talented software developers in digital transformation, mobility, AI, and 5G. In other words, thousands of developers that will create and shape the future of advanced technologies will be trained in 42 Istanbul.

“42 Istanbul is part of the Türkiye Open Source Platform, founded in 2019, under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Its purpose is to fill the gap of talented software developers with a goal of 500,000 in the country by 2023. We have established a large front together with 21 founding members and 97 stakeholders from state, private sector, NGOs, universities, trade unions, and tech communities including Getir, Microsoft, AWS, IBM, SAP, and BBVA.

We have examined most of the alternatives and decided to cooperate with 42 because it’s the world’s most successful new generation coding school. It’s a revolution, not only because there are no teachers, but also because of the peer learning model. 42 in Turkey is perfectly matching the official strategy of the Ministry that aims to increase the number of software developers at a national scale and to ‘’Make Turkey a software development hub’’ in disruptive technologies.”

Sertaç Yerlikaya, Director of 42 Istanbul

Located in the middle of a new living area, 42 Istanbul is at the center of a lively quarter, surrounded by city parks and companies. More than 20.000 people applied online to join the ranks of 42 in Turkey for its first Piscines, denoting a high interest for the training in the country. Applicants’ ages varied from 18 to 50, from high school students to teachers, doctors, and even lawyers.

Istanbul inspires everyone. It is not only a place for historical and cultural power but also a place for the development of science, industry, and technology. This is a big city with various challenges waiting to be tackled by software developers. It’s like a treasure!

Sertaç Yerlikaya, Director of 42 Istanbul



We make digital an opportunity for all, everywhere. #42Network.

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