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42 The Network
2 min readOct 17, 2022

To seize opportunities wherever they may be, 42 is opening up globally through its network of partner campuses in France and around the world. All the campuses are connected to mutualize their programs, knowledge and paths. After the core curriculum, you may continue your studies on one of the Network’s campuses to benefit from International experience. The diversity of profiles, nationalities and cultures allows you to broaden your perspectives.

Sophie Viger, CEO of 42:

“Network, what a nice word!

And yet in French, “network” is almost a dirty word! Indeed, in France, the notion of network sometimes has a negative, unpleasant connotation. We attach to it the idea of favoritism. It is the exact opposite of the values of 42, which promotes social climbing by making studies free of charge without any conditions. So why, at 42, do we like the word “network”?

We have a saying in France, “avoir un coup de piston”, and we often confuse it with having a network. What’s the difference? Competence! “Avoir un coup de piston” means getting a job without having the skills thanks to your friends and family. Having a network means being known and recognized for your value, your skills and your know-how, first by your peers and then by your partners. In a world where communication and information are becoming essential for development, the network is becoming just as essential. 42 has decided to utilize the network in two ways. First, by developing campuses around the world and second, by deploying an alumni solidarity.

Today, our campuses form a network present on 5 continents! There are already about 50 campuses. How proud we are to see how far we’ve come in less than 10 years since Xavier Niel created 42 Paris, our founding campus. And what an even greater pride to have given rise to all its campuses, to a living, dynamic, enthusiastic, enterprising network that has managed to preserve the soul and spirit of 42’s humanist values, solidarity, personal and collective fulfillment, while maintaining the ambition of technical excellence of our students.

The students are the beating heart of 42! Their energy, thirst to learn, and confidence drive us. The alumni network of 42 that the students are creating year after year forms a strength of 42. It is an alumni network that keeps growing and will always be at their service. Who else but a former 42 student can know all the sacrifices and all the intelligence that another 42 student has shown to validate their curriculum? Who else but a former 42 student can understand the inventiveness, the creativity, the liveliness of another 42 student? No matter where the campus is located, from Adelaide to Rio de Janeiro, and Helsinki to Istanbul!”

- Sophie Viger, CEO of 42



42 The Network

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