42 Adelaide, a sense of community

Voted 3rd best livable city in the world, Adelaide combines the laid-back Australian way of life with stunning opportunities for a fulfilling career. With the recent addition of the headquarters of a new Australian Space Agency, its IT sector is thriving and up and coming. In 2021, 42 Adelaide opened its door in the business center of the city to be part of it.

What makes the history of 42 Adelaide unique is that Louise Nobes, its CEO and Founder, comes from the social sector. As a social worker and entrepreneur, she was always looking for ways to bring new opportunities to youth.

“I remember, about two and a half years ago, I was teaching at university. A lecturer told me: “Have you heard of 42?” And I was like, “no, what is this?” And he explained, “Well, it is a school that is founded in France. It started out from the desperate need for the best talent. You’ve got to go and have a look at it.” About 10:00 PM that night, I googled 42. I mailed Olivier Crouzet, and said, ‘I’m this little social entrepreneur down in Adelaide and I completely believe that 42 will be so important for us to open’.”

Louise Nobes, CEO and Founder 42 Adelaide

Adelaide and South Australia are known to produce the best wines in all of Australia, and host a lot of festivals. Even if the city of Adelaide is in itself very accomodating for student life, the 42 campus has still a lot of leisure to offer. It has a lot of breakout areas, a tennis table that is always taken, and a virtual reality room which is favored by the students. With 150 iMacs and a student capacity of 450 students every year, 42 Adelaide has set a target of 4 Piscines a year as a minimum. They are hoping to expand fast as soon as possible. Thanks to a very lively city, it should not be a problem: enough opportunities are knocking at the door.

“The growth in software development jobs is unprecedented for us at the moment. We already have a list of hiring partners, about 30, and it’s growing every day. We have company sponsors like Lockheed Martin and Ozrunways. We couldn’t have opened without the support from our founding partner Loftus Technology and our inaugural partner Uniting Communities and funding from the South Australian government”

Louise Nobes, CEO and Founder 42 Adelaide

Thanks to a 100% full women team, 42 Adelaide has gained a lot of traction in the city, showing that both the IT sector and the education market is ready for a change.



We make digital an opportunity for all, everywhere. #42Network.

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