42, acclaimed for the excellence of its training and recognized for its social role, continues its international development

Paris, September 14, 2021 — In the first place of the annual ranking of schools training the best coders (CodinGame), 42 gets a news international recognition by integrating 10th place in the Top 100 of the World Universities with Real Impact (WURI). It also ranks first in terms of ethical values, ahead of Harvard, Columbia and Yale. This distinction, alongside the world’s most prestigious institutions, reinforces the legitimacy of a unique pedagogical model that continues to be successfully exported: the 42 Network, launched in June 2019, now includes 35 partner campuses, including two new ones in Turkey (Kocaeli and Istanbul). On top of that, ten new campuses are being discussed to open their doors in the future.

When excellence meets equal opportunity

In less than ten years, 42 became the IT best training reference in the world, with more than 12,000 students trained in 22 countries, demonstrating that diversity and inclusion are major assets for the future. Its training of excellence for all, which trains the best IT developers on the market, free of charge, with no diploma requirements and no age limit, is attracting a multiplicity of players around the world (governments, local authorities, large companies, universities, benefactors, etc.) eager to take up the challenge of a more inclusive and human digital transition of society.

While the sector is growing, it suffers from a lack of qualified skills. 42 facilitates the training of young people without qualifications, the retraining of students and job seekers, and the creation of vocations among women who are far removed from the tech professions, enabling them to acquire the basics of programming, before offering them the opportunity to specialize in the field of their choice (data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, mobile web, network administration, etc.). Compatible with part-time work, it aims to give everyone the same chances of success, regardless of their availability or status. All the partner campuses adhere to a charter with 5 key values: free access, 24/7 accessibility of the premises, commitment to women and minorities, the principle of secularism and non-commercialization of the work done by the students.

« We are extremely proud of the distinction offered by the WURI ranking. The international recognition of the positive impact of the 42 model on society and the growing interest of the world in our educational model demonstrates that digital technology can be a powerful vector of inclusion, even in less privileged regions. Today, the 42 network continues to grow at a steady pace: with 35 partner campuses integrated since its launch two years ago, we should reach our initial goal of 50 campuses by 2025 much faster than expected » said Sophie Viger, CEO of 42.

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We make digital an opportunity for all, everywhere. #42Network.

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