4,300+ students joined 42 between June and September

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2 min readOct 18, 2021

We’re almost bringing the 2021’ summer season home and therefore we bring to you some insights about the 42 admission of new students joining 42 and its network of partners campuses all over the world.

The Piscine is what we call in our admission process the 4 weeks long selection trial, generally done on-site.

What is the “Piscine”?

“Piscine” is a French word meaning “swimming pool”.

Instead of a traditional written university application, at 42 candidates jump into the deep-end and try out their programming skills as well as 42’s educational model. For a total of 4 weeks, they can discover all of our training’s teaching methods: peer-to-peer learning, group work, peer-evaluation and project pedagogy.

This offers not only the chance for the candidates to understand if they would actually like the campus, programming, and the educational approach as well as providing an insight into how a candidate might develop as a student at 42.

You can discover more about our admission process and the Piscine at 42 by browsing our website. If you’re already convinced 42 is the school for you, don’t hesitate to start the admission process today!



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