19 (Brussels): a model that inspires

Discover 19 in Brussels, a campus that has become part of the Brussels landscape.

Launched in 2018, 19 is the first Campus 42 outside of France. Almost 5 years later, the results are very positive. Next to that the fact that 19 has many candidates from all over the country rushed to come and try their luck, 19 is also an unavoidable reference for both companies and public authorities.

“Our business model is a bit unusual, with a consortium of companies that finance us for a period of three years. After these first three years, almost all of them have extended their support and we have even gone from 10 to 15 sponsors! The public authorities have also recognised us and we are now part of the Digital Minds that accompany the federal minister in the #SmartNation policy.”

Stephan Salberter, Director of 19

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city — the second largest in the world after Dubai. It is a city that has managed to remain on a human scale, with 1,200,000 inhabitants and a population with a high growth rate. Brussels is a threefold capital: of Belgium, of the European Union and of NATO. This international position allows it to have an open economy, notably thanks to its connections with other capitals such as Paris, Amsterdam and London. The high proportion of SMEs, which is constantly growing, also explains why the city is a must in Europe.

Ideally located in the heart of the city, Campus 19 is right above the main railway station and offers 250 workstations on 1000 square metres. It is surrounded by tech players, start-up incubators, venture capitalists and business angels. It is a very stimulating and emulating environment.

“The 42 network is fantastic and helps to legitimise the model. By being the first campus outside of France, we saw the beginning of its creation. Today, it is above all its credibility by being number 1 in the WURI ethical ranking and number 8 in innovation that is important for us. For our students, it is of course the possibility of being part of an international network!

Stephan Salberter, Director of 19

Nearly 70 companies have already expressed interest in taking on internships or recruiting students, including Belfius, a local bank; Proximus, an internet and telephone operator; Deloitte, a consulting firm; and media companies such as DPG and RTL.



We make digital an opportunity for all, everywhere. #42Network.

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