1337: three campuses, one vision

More than 1,200 students make 1337 a reality in Morocco in Khouribga, Ben Guérir and Tétouan. Discover these 42 campuses, the first campuses on the African continent.

Historically, the first partner of 1337 is the OCP group. It is the first Moroccan company that has just celebrated its 100th anniversary. It is a mining company specialized in fertilizers and phosphates and, like all mining companies in the world, invest in communities through the “Social Licence to Operate”. The emphasis was placed on education about ten years ago, with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. After, at the end of 2017, with 1337 Khouribga and finally, 1337 Ben Guérir in 2019.

In 2021, another company joined 1337 to develop a campus in the north of the country. This is the Tangier Med Group, in charge of the largest port in Africa, the port of Tangier, and has led through its Foundation to the launch in early 2022 of 1337 Med near Tétouan.

At the launch of 1337, we contacted a hundred companies established in Morocco to take the temperature of the project. They all told us the same thing: ‘We want your students, we will take them, we know 42, we know its pedagogy, we know what you are worth’. Today, we sometimes even have trouble retaining our students, as is the case in several 42 campuses around the world, who are offered a job at the end of their first internship!”

Larbi El Hilali, 1337 Managing Director

1337 is proud to represent 42 on the African continent. The campuses offer opportunities to the youth in order not to miss the digital revolution. The challenge is simple: to ensure that the continent does not lag behind but advances at the same time as all the others.

The infrastructure is already in place to allow students to grow their potential and make Africa exist in the world of tomorrow. This also involves entrepreneurship.

“We are developing entrepreneurship at 1337 with a support program for students who want it. Our goal is to get out of the system where we only consume digital products imported by external companies, and instead think about solutions thought and developed in Morocco.”

Larbi El Hilali, 1337 Managing Director

1337 is also a social commitment for the students enrolled. To erase social inequalities and emphasize excellence, the campuses offer a number of grants. These are conditional on regular attendance in the curriculum. 1337 offers a housing grant as well as rooms reserved for women in partnership with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Ben Guérir. On a daily basis, school meals are free and medical coverage is offered.

“All the campuses in the 42 network are a bit similar… except for 1337! We are the only campus in Africa, and that’s what makes us unique!”

Larbi El Hilali, 1337 Managing Director



We make digital an opportunity for all, everywhere. #42Network.

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